How To Talk To Your Kids About Online Bullying

October was National Bullying Prevention Month, and in November Bullying Awareness.  We know that it is a topic that surrounds kids today and we thought it would be important to bring awareness and share tips on how to have the conversation with the kids. Bullying is a real problem in our society. From the playground […]

EVERYTOWN | An Organization That Is Rethinking School Shootings

EVERYTOWN Photo from EVERYTOWN About Page   Talking about a school shooting is not an easy topic, but that’s what our organization is. Cures of Colors brings hard conversations to the forefront and teaches you how to have them with your kids. This month we’d like to mention an organization that has been working for […]

How To Talk to Kids About Civility

girl with blonde hair, girl with brown hair and girl with hajab. Giving each other a big hug for civility

It’s important that we share what civility is with our kids.  As we continue through the month of August, it is celebrated as National Civility Month. With this we want to share with you how you can teach your kids the importance of what it means to have respect, dignity, and politeness towards others.  Like […]

How to Teach Kids About Money: Valuable Lessons and Habits

It’s important to teach kids about money so that they can grow up and make excellent financial decisions on their own. Financial literacy is a complex concept to explain, especially to young minds. However, there are many resources, tips, and lessons to help your little ones build good money habits. Continue reading to find ideas […]

Explaining Mental Health to Your Child: 9 Tips for Effective Conversations

Mental health is an important subject for children to understand. However, explaining mental health to your child can be complex and challenging. With expert tips, you can easily navigate these conversations and grow closer as a family. Also, the information below can be used when talking to students, teenagers, and others. What Is Mental Health? […]

Raise Mindful Children With These 4 Tips

The concept of mindfulness has gained popularity over the past couple years, but is by no means a new concept. This practice can help manage stress, decrease anxiety, and help us lead more intentional lives. The best part? Anyone can incorporate mindfulness into their everyday routine. Teaching your little one the importance of mindfulness is […]

2020 Reflections

2020 Reflection & Our Commitment to 2021 By: Brittany Chung, Cures of Colors Founder January 25, 2021 Well, we made it to 2021. Normally, we wouldn’t be saying it that way, but 2020 was like none other we’ve experienced before. I’m especially proud of all the parents who added new hats to their old wardrobe […]