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Embrace “Wellness with a purpose.

When you think about March, Saint Patrick’s Day is most likely your first thought. Did you know there are other celebrations and important days?  One example is National Nutrition Month. We are excited to share how you can celebrate this month but also ways you can appreciate it with  your loved ones. It doesn’t take much to incorporate nutritious meals and exercise to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. National Nutrition Month is celebrated every March where the importance of nutrition and health is taught through making healthy decisions. We encourage you and your loved ones whether it be your children, niece, nephew, grandchildren, significant other or friend to discover new and exciting ways to become healthy from head to toe. 

What does it mean to be healthy and how can I be?

Being healthy means being able to take care of yourself the same way your body takes care of you. Your body is your temple or machine that makes sure things from your cells, blood, and organs are functioning right everyday to keep you alive, focused and happy. Each day your body plays an important role in keeping you healthy such as fighting away germs that make you sick. When you break down the word healthy, the root word is heal.  In order to be healthy, we need to heal our bodies with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to be at its best. 

Here are 5 ways you can be healthy:

  • Practice little changes from what you eat and how you eat.
  • Portion control is key in not eating too much but also not too little. 
  • Incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Make time in increments to exercise whether it is walking, going to the gym, or taking your kids to the playground or park and having fun with them.
  • Eating in moderation, enjoy what you like in small amounts and eat what you need in greater amounts.

What does wellness have to do with health?

Wellness is about achieving a balance between mental, emotional, and physical success. It is all about exercising confidence in how you feel but also how you look. According to Global Wellness Day as taken from The World Health Organization, wellness is defined as “ A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The article breaks down the central concepts of wellness as 1. Holism, 2. Balance, and 3. Self-Responsibility.  

Holism is about feeling whole with yourself in taking care of yourself-all of you. Holism, not being a common term, the article from “ What is Holism?” by Very Well Mind gives an overview of what the definition is and its benefits. According to the article, “ the basic principle of holism is that people are more than simply the sum of their parts.” What this means is that when it comes to being well and healthy, one must understand you can’t simply just take care of one part of the body and leave the remains unchecked. 

Balance is about feeling centered and in alignment with your health – spiritual, physical, and mental. 

Self-Responsibility is taking ownership of your health and your body to be happy with yourself.

I have a picky eater, but I want them to eat healthy. What should I do?

Four ways to introduce healthy nutrition to your little ones: 

  1. Continue to introduce your child to a variety of fruits and vegetables, but get creative about how you introduce them.
  2. Be mindful about any proceeding allergies and make the fruits and veggies both enjoyable and playful so they can learn and grow as they eat.
  3. Encourage weekends or down time to go to your local farm or farmer’s market as a family, where they can see, touch, and smell different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  4. Make eating healthy educational and fun rather than a chore, good health= good lifestyle

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As a nonprofit organization, we (Cures of Colors) are centered around providing children with effective and engaging ways to understand the world around them through a variety of different topics one of which is nutrition and health. Being able to teach children about the positive ways they can learn and explore is important so they can make a difference for themselves and others. We’re happy to design and promote our coloring books that speak to important messages and recurring themes such as nutrition.  Let’s continue this conversation beyond the month of March.

Color Brightly, Eat well!

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