Let's Create Change Together

Cures of Colors is dedicated to bridging the gap between childhood fantasies and real-life, age appropriate narratives to provoke dialogue around social and emotional issues in the society we live in.

We are utilizing coloring books as an interactive medium to frame stories through a lens of diverse perspectives.


Thank you for your interest in joining the movement to color a brighter future! We’re thrilled you’re exploring new ways to introduce important topics of conversation to the special tiny humans in your life. Together as parents, caregivers, and educators we can unite for the common good of our children, igniting our inner and collective power to bring forth positive change. Teaching our children to make their own ripples of love and compassion will carry forth momentum – making waves that inspire the best of humanity.

Each coloring book is a work of love and creativity designed by a team of passionate creatives supporting our mission through their own unique gifts. While we do periodically consult with advisors in the professions of academia, child behavioral therapy, and youth development, these books on their own are not meant to completely resolve any issues you or your child may be experiencing related to the content. It is our desire for our narrative coloring books to serve as one of our many helpful tools in addressing the extensive and on-going work.

Our children may be tiny in size for a brief moment in history, but it’s important we empower them from a young age to fervently believe that no action they take is too small, no decision to advance kindness is inconsequential, and no single step forward is insignificant. They matter. What they do, matters! 

Thank you for your tireless engagement, diligence, and dedication to creating a better future. Raising kind humans is hard work, and we appreciate all your efforts. Your children, and their futures, will too. 

Color Brightly. Speak Boldly.

Brittany Chung, Founder + The Cures of Colors Team


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