Black History Month: Spotlight Sierra and Naomi

As Black History Month is at an end, it’s important to note that you can always talk to your child about the importance of celebrating and learning about black culture, contributions, and excellence. 

Diversity. What is it and how can I create dialogue with my child so they are aware early? 

This is a necessary and valuable question that can’t and shouldn’t be answered alone. We wanted to take the time this month and spotlight this dialogue with one of our very own.

Pictured above you see a little black girl, her name is Naomi Cole. She is 2 years old and resides in Branchburg, NJ with her family, that includes her aunt Sierra who works with us as one of our Social Media/Communication volunteers. Sierra, being one of Naomi’s caregivers, pays a lot of attention to what Naomi is doing from how she learns through fun and play, reads, and interacts with the world in and outside their home. 

Sierra shared her thoughts on ways she is instilling early education with Naomi at home, here’s what she had to say as it relates to the question: what is diversity and how can I create dialogue with my child so they are aware early?

When I hear the word DIVERSITY as it relates to children, I think about a colorful crayon box or a united circle of children holding hands. I visualize these images because diversity speaks to both scenarios, I wouldn’t love to see a box of just white or black crayons when I want to color something, I would want to see all kinds of shades because they are beautiful in their own unique way and compliment one another.

When I see a circle of kids gathered together with different skin tones, hair textures, and sizes I don’t see limitation, instead I see equality. Although I am not a mother yet, Naomi has taught and encouraged me to learn the importance of leading by example and that there isn’t such a thing as never too early. 

The Cures of Colors coloring book, particularly “ Grace’s Peaceful Protest” was especially helpful in teaching my niece about Black History Month. Recently, I designed a day of different activities for Naomi and I to do together to celebrate this month which included watching “ Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur” on Disney Plus, Sesame Street Black History Month episodes, and coloring the Grace’s Peaceful Protest Coloring Book. I even took her to a beauty salon where she can see images of little girls and women who look like her and showed her different hair products, scrunchies, and hair accessories for her to learn how to embrace her natural afro curls. 

I challenge you to look out in the world with one of the Cures of Coloring Books and ask yourself when you see something or someone different from you, ask this question:

What do you see when you see me?”

Thank you Sierra, for sharing with us and sharing with all of our readers.

As a nonprofit organization, we (Cures of Colors) are centered around providing children with effective and engaging ways to understand the world around them. Getting one or more of our coloring books will help change the way you approach important conversations and topics with your child. 

We’re happy to design and promote our coloring books that speak to important messages and recurring themes such as diversity. Let’s continue this conversation even outside of the month of February.

Color Brightly, Speak Boldly!

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