How Learning and Investing in Earth Can Make a Huge Impact

The month of April is known for the recognition of celebrating our planet, Earth!

During this month, it is important that we take a moment to acknowledge how special our planet is and the ways in which we can contribute to helping the environment around us.  Not only is it beneficial to one’s personal environment to commit to goals that center around helping the planet, it can greatly impact the entire world

Kids learn from those around them, so implementing small changes in your life to help the Earth will make them want to continue the positive changes needed to keep our planet a beautiful place. 

Below are some ways that can make an impact on the environment around you and your child:

  1. Invest in time to teach your child about our planet by watching educational documentaries.
  2. Read books about saving the planet with your child.
  3. Volunteer with organizations near your home, such as a community garden.
  4. Clean up litter around your community.
  5. Teach your child about small lifestyle changes that could positively impact the environment, such as composting, energy efficiency and choosing seasonal produce. 

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Activities engage learning…

Since a lot of kids learn by engaging in fun and exciting activities, here are some resources that provide some Earth and environmental-centered activities and crafts for you and your child to do together:

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From Cures of Colors, we want all of us to make a huge impact on helping our planet remain the beautiful place it is today and beneficial for future generations to come. 

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Don’t forget to check out our favorite stories that will help you talk to your kids about other important topics. 


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