How To Talk To Your Kids About Setting Goals

As 2022 came to a quick end, many people have started to create their list of goals for the new year. It is not too late to teach your kids about goal setting, especially long-term goals.

Having long-term goals has its benefits. It helps to develop resilience and get through the setbacks. Kids are able to learn how to manage themselves and once they are able to reach their goal, their self-esteem will increase. When goals are broken down into smaller chunks, it encourages kids to have organized behavior. This teaches kids to have proper checkpoints and standards. 

Here are 6 steps, according to PBS Kids, to teach your kids about practicing goal-setting:

  1. Confront unrealistic goals
  2. Choose just-out-of-reach goals
  3. Set specific goals
  4. Break it down
  5. Set up checkpoints
  6. Make it a family plan

For more information, please check:

PBS Kids



The benefits to having goals are vital. They help build resiliency, boost self-esteem, increase organized behavior, and teach kids to have checkpoints and standards. Having your kids put a purpose behind their goals will naturally force them to be motivated to reach and exceed them. We hope that this guide gives you the confidence and reassurance to get started with your kids!

From Cures of Colors, we want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year, we’ll see you in 2023!

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